Get involved with TEDxConcordia

This TEDx event is independently organized.

Take it on you to inform and inspire, surprise and delight.

Be part of the TEDxConcordia 2014 organizing team.

Why TEDxConcordia?

TED has opened our horizon and truly changed the way we see the world. It’s you chance to pass it on.

From the arts to science and engineering, it’s an unprecedented opportunity to rub shoulders with life-changing ideas. It’s exciting and gratifying. TEDxConcordia is about finding the very best in Concordia and putting the spotlight on it.

Keep in mind going onwards TEDxConcordia has a license to host events with less than 100 attendees.

Have what it takes?

In brief, what we’re looking for in organizers: (roughly in order of importance)

  • You have a proven track record of building stuff. You get things done, you’re organized and self-managed.
  • You live and breath TED. From physics to marketing to biology or engineering, you’re intellectually curious. You see things. You get it.
  • You’re a student or a very recent alumn. This is about Concordia.

You don’t need experience in event management nor are we interested in your GPA. We’re looking for smart and outgoing individuals, that’s it.

As license holder, you’d be free to set your vision for TEDxConcordia 2012 and build it however you want. It’s your project. Keep in mind this is a substantial time investment, be prepared to pour your soul in TEDxConcordia.

Interested? Email Nick Feller at with a quick blurb on who you are.