Tara Hunt: The Unclear Path

This TEDx event is independently organized.

Tara Hunt share a moving tale of entrepreneurship and taking the “unclear path”.

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    TL;DR: the 3 ticks of Entreprenuership:

    – a belief that is contrary to what most others believe and accept.
    – you are absolutely certain about your belief, you have no doubts, no waivering form your conviction
    – your belief cannot be changed by strong arguments or proof that your belief is wrong.

    a dream, a desire to make your vision happen:
    – not only do you have the delusional vision, you want to make it real for yourself and others
    – in terms of Entreprenuership, you take the necessary actions to move closer to the realization of your dream (unlike millions of others who have “a dream”, yet take no real action toward it’s manifestation).

    – extraordinary boldness
    – overstepped the boundary of accepted behavior without shame
    – you do what needs to be done, without fear of what others will think, or say, or do to you

    can it be taught? i think so, but it is a skill, so some will excel at it better than others. I would not want others to be turned away from trying it because it was said that is it intrinsic; that it can’t be taught. It is an experience you should try if you want to, then after your attempt, evaluate if it’s something you want to continue with. experiencing failure can be the best way to teach yourself.

    nice passionate talk Tara. What is your dream / mission ?

  • http://twitter.com/cschultz Chris Schultz

    Great TEDx talk by @missrogue, really enjoyed this talk baring raw the emotion of entrepreneurship.

  • http://twitter.com/ruthannharnisch ruthannharnisch

    Brave and beautiful, inspired and inspiring. A must-see for anyone who wants to start a business.

  • http://robertsaric.com/ Robert Saric

    Fantastic presentation.

  • http://twitter.com/christopherufin Christophe Rufin

    highly motivating!!!

  • http://chrisarsenault.wordpress.com/ Chrisarsenault

    Passionate and emotionally intense presentation by entrepreneur @missrogue TEDx talk. Having the audacity to be an entrepreneur! http://tedxconcordia.com/talks/tara-hunt/ #Learnings –

  • http://twitter.com/alexbaumgardt Alexander Baumgardt

    Tara – awesome! We all know how it feels!

  • http://twitter.com/brycej Bryce Johnson

    Finally watched @missrogue’s TEDx presentation. Tara it’s been fascinating watching your journey. People keep using the word inspirational. It is the best word.

  • Anonymous

    Well done – very solid portrait of how it feels as a start up entrepreneur for sure.

    Cameron Herold
    TEDx Raising Kids to Be Entrepreneurs, Instead of Lawyers