Past Events

Our past TEDxConcordia events, held in 2011 and 2014, were nothing short of awe-inspiring, to say the least. Both independently organized events helped spark ideas and instigate discussion within the audience by featuring a wide range of TED Talks. Imagine one of Concordia University’s very own engineering students speaking out about 3D printing before anyone even knew what it was, or how about a graffiti artist sharing his story about trekking through life as a daring dreamer? An inventor of toys for the blind, a yogi master who doesn’t believe that financial wealth leads to happiness, and a poet who is passionate about standing up to social justice issues. All these ideas have disseminated throughout the halls of Concordia University and out into the community at large thanks to the success of our last two events. Our past events have built a solid foundation for TEDxConcordia as we continue to realize our mission of spreading ideas.

2014 Event

Building Blocks – what we build, builds us.

All of the knowledge we gain from education and experience are Building Blocks for our mentality and perspective. This theme was chosen mainly for artists to play with: murals, paintings & graphic design.

The 2014 conference brought together 12 speakers, 6 that we have chosen, the other 6 from applications and nominations from all around the Montreal area. The event in 2011 had over 100 applications and spent a large portion of the planning time finding the hidden gems of Montreal.

2011 Event

TEDxConcordia 2011 was a conference that tied it all together. From toy designers to student engineers and microbiologists, it exposed the audience to completely varied fields in a full-day immersive experience. More than anything, TEDxConcordia is a vibrant and stimulating platform for ideas to clash and connect in ways never expected.