Extraordinary insight.

TEDxConcordia is the conference that ties it all together. In true TED fashion, it’s a riveting, fast-paced and exciting experience. We think you’ll enjoy it a lot.

TEDxConcordia 2012 is scheduled for early 2012. Sign up below to get notified as details become available.

Is TEDxConcordia just for Concordia people?

Absolutely not, the conference is only hosted by Concordia. The event is for Montrealers en general.

Isn’t there also TEDxMcGill?

Yup. We have a different approach to things, but both are amazing organizations.

Who’s speaking?

~14 talks in four sessions, with profs, students and Montrealers alike. The 2012 program is not yet announced. More than the talks, TEDxConcordia is about face-to-face connection and a clash of ideas. There will be plenty of breaks and activities for you to meet really interesting people from Montreal. You can apply to speak here or nominate someone.