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This TEDx event is independently organized.

If you are looking to speak, you can apply here →

A dozen speakers will be given 18 minutes to present the talk of their life in a riveting, one-day immersive and all-encompassing experience. We’re looking for fascinating, intriguing and interesting speakers. If it gets you excited, we want to hear about it. Student, prof, alumni or general Montrealer, it’s your chance to share to make TEDxConcordia 2014. We’re looking mainly for local speakers, but we’re all ears to your suggestions.

Nick Feller


  • Tell us briefly about the speaker: Occupation? Honors or distinctions? Recent work? Why are you recommending them? Your personal experience with this person is particularly valuable to the committee.
  • Optional, this helps us get an idea of the person's speaking style.
It was like drinking from a firehose. —Jay Dedman, first TED experience
I’ve never listened that intently to speeches… ever. —a TEDxTokyo attendee