This TEDx event is independently organized.

Launch postmortem

In case you didn’t know, registration for TEDxConcordia 2011 opened yesterday. We’ve been preparing this day for quite some time, but we’re blown away by the response of the community. Needless to say, it was a pretty hectic day on our side.

Here, a few screenshots for you viewing pleasure:

Our Google Analytics account this morning. Those are unique hits.

8 hours after opening registration:

Mail received in my account yesterday, excluding inbox:

Lots of exciting things to come!

Vigilant Futures a partner for TEDxConcordia 2011

Vigilant Futures

We’re excited to announce tech firm Vigilant Futures (@vigilantfutures) is partnering with TEDxConcordia to bring you the 2011 event. Check it out, great people and an amazing organization that embodies much of TED’s vision.

At work: Vigilant Futures is a Montreal-based R&D firm focused on pushing the limits of technology. At play: devoted to community initiatives that improve & advance youth education.

TEDxConcordia Commandments

We’ve just published the TEDxConcordia commandments, a document we present to every new speaker. Take a look at the page here.

Lots of exciting things coming up, we’ll be announcing a batch of speakers soon. Stay tuned!

Apply/nominate posters

Right off the presses, you’ll be seeing these all around campus starting next week. Beautiful Helvetica posters with plenty of whitespace. Hope you like ’em! If you haven’t yet, go ahead and nominate someone you’d like to see at TEDxConcordia 2011.

RSA: Sir Ken Robinson on Changing Education Paradigms


We’re great fans of Sir Ken Robinson’s two TEDTalks. Here’s his great talk on education at the Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts (RSA), a rising organization that embodies much of TED’s vision.

Get involved.

Getting involved with TEDxConcordia is an amazing experience, it’s a great networking opportunity and a fascinating adventure.

If you’re interested in helping make TEDxConcordia a great event, join us for an info session Thursday, September 30 in Concordia’s MB building, 3rd floor lounge (map). You’ll have the opportunity to meet everyone involved and get a feel if TEDxConcordia is right for you. Here are examples of areas you could help out:

  • Marketing: a community manager to maintain our online social presence
  • Logistics: photographers and/or film producers
  • Sponsorship: pitching prospective sponsors
  • Speakers: scouting Montreal for the hidden gems

You don’t need any experience in any of these field, but you do need an near-obsessive passion for TED and the desire to help.

Looking forward to meet you!

Gutenberg in the era of online video

TED’s head honcho, Chris Anderson, just released his first TEDTalk. He makes the case that online video is profoundly changing our lives and how we spread ideas. As you’d expect, it’s fascinating. You really should watch it.

Our ancestors were biologically wired for word-of-mouth. We learned in small communities and passed on our knowledge face-to-face.

Then Gutenberg came around. The printing press radically changed how we spread ideas. It upped the ante for everyone. And from Twitter to Wikipedia, we built our knowledge systems on the legacy of the written word. Never, in the history of humanity, have we had access to so much knowledge.

The problem is that the printed word required that we educate ourselves out of our evolutionary origins. Because of physical constraints, we traded the lack of face-to-face connection and the communal aspect of learning for scaling knowledge. It required that we artificially teach ourselves to actually enjoy reading. The medium disconnected us from the fundamental idea of tribal sharing.

We’re living through a second revolution. It’s not anymore about the vastness knowledge, but about the medium. Online video scales this powerful face-to-face intimate connection. It appeals to our basic instincts in a very fundamental way.

I finally understand why TED is so fascinating. I think.

September Discussions with TEDxMcGill & TEDxConcordia

Once again, TEDxMcGill and TEDxConcordia team up to bring you September’s event. The 3rd instalment of a recurring event that will gather a community of TED enthusiasts to watch and discuss two fascinating TEDTalks. It’s free, informal and relaxed (no need to speak if don’t want to). It’s a good opportunity to meet the people behind TEDxMcGill & TEDxConcordia, as well as fellow TEDsters and other great people from Montreal.

Where: MUS lounge, Bronfman Bldg Basement, McGill University, 1001 Sherbrooke W When: Wednesday, September 22nd, 6:00pm What: 2 TEDTalks followed by ~20min discussions each

Please RSVP at We like to keep the event small, and currently cap it around 35 participants. Hurry up for your tickets!

Looking forward to seeing you there.

Website live!

The TEDxConcordia team has been hard to work! We flipped the switch and we’re proud to announce our new website. Comments (we love ’em) can be directed to

As always, if you’re interested to get involved, get in touch! You can also subscribe to our occasional newsletter here.

August Discussions with TEDxMcGill & TEDxConcordia

TEDxMcGill and TEDxConcordia have teamed up to create the second session of our joint initiative:

Discussions with TEDxMcGill & Concordia

A recurring event, that will gather a community of TED enthusiasts to watch and discuss enticing TEDTalks. This will also be a great opportunity to meet the people behind TEDxMcGill & TEDxConcordia, as well as fellow TEDsters and other great people from Montreal.

Where: JMSB (MB) Building (6th Floor Lounge), Concordia University When: Thursday, August 26, 6:00pm What: 2 TEDTalks followed by ~20min discussions each

Register here.

We cannot wait to see you there!