Rym Benchaar

Lead Strategist - Le Site

After graduating from Concordia with a BComm in 2010, Rym dove head first into the world of market research, which kick started her love affair with data.
After spending several years crunching numbers for companies such as the Danone group, Reitmans Canada and Merck, it gave Rym clarity on how data could target and predict consumer behaviour.

Now leading a strategy team in the digital marketing industry, Rym leverages a wider range of data to help executives make strategic business decisions. At her core, her role will always be to craft marketing tactics but the question that always come up: how can we leverage the same information but use it for the greater good of humanity?

On February 6th, Rym invites you to look beyond big business data and will demonstrate how we have already started to revolutionize our way of life.

I’m always curious and looking for new ways to not only gather consumer information but to also leverage it. Although I’ve always been a marketer by default, I’ve been inspired by how we can make our lives easier, better and more efficient through it