Mikaël Theimer

I became a photographer.
It wasn't my plan, it just sort of happened.

A native of France, Mikaël moved to Montreal on a whim at 20 years old and graduated with a BComm in Marketing. After spending several years of his life working for big corporations, he quit his job and embarked on a journey to discovering his passion. Inspired by Humans of New York, Mikaël bought himself a camera and created a Montreal version of the page with a couple of friends. Portraits of Montreal has received widespread recognition for capturing the stories and ideas of Montrealers through photography.

On February 6th, Mikaël will talk about the power of photography in tearing down prejudices, reconnecting humans to one another and forcing people to look beyond appearances.

I tell stories that force people to see beyond the appearances, tear down prejudices, and reconnect humans to one another.

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