David Côté

Co-founder and President of Crudessence

Co-author of five books including a bestseller translated in five languages, Shiatsu therapist, acroyoga teacher, living food chef and inspiring public speaker, David always has many projects going on. After several years of travelling around the world, David decided to settle down in Montreal to open up his restaurant, Crudessence. Voted as the 2015 Entrepreneur of the Year in the Quebec Young Chamber of Commerce, David is presently the CEO of Crudessence and Vice President of RISE Kombucha, a healthy energy drink company.

On February 6th, David will invite people into deeper reflection, inspiring daily acts of self-respect and responsability.

We are working to change the way our society sees food, so that it is revered as the cornerstone of individual health and well-being within a flourishing society, and as a vital connection to all life.